Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Mausoleum

Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Mausoleum and Garden of Remembrance is a welcoming sanctuary of peace and quiet.

Families from every walk of life, religion and discipline have chosen Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial as their final resting place for over 100 years. Family memorials are a sustaining source of comfort for the living, and we exist because every life is worth loving and remembering.

Our staff is ready to answer questions, arrange a visit and provide options to you and your family.  Please let us know how we may serve you.

What We Offer

Established in 1901, Portland Memorial Mausoleum sits on 6 acres of carefully preserved historic architecture. It is one of the few, if not only, mausoleums of its size in the country.  The mausoleum sits overlooking the beautiful natural reserve full of majestic oaks and a clear, sparkling natural pond where visitors are invited to relax and spend time with those they loved. 

Mausoleum Entombment

Portland Memorial Mausoleum is known for its many options of mausoleum entombment within its majestic walls.  From private family areas that can be customized, to many different community rooms with different themes and looks, to quiet library like settings.  Portland Memorial Mausoleum has options to make sure that your family finds the setting most comfortable and suitable for you.

Cremation Memorialization

Over the years, Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial has continued to add options for those who have chosen cremation as their means of final interment. We have many areas and different options for cremation memorialization.  Moreover, these choices are not casketed burial options converted for cremation, but rather totally unique and different offerings for cremation families.

Ground Burial

Many people still prefer ground burial, and Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial knows that deciding on the type of memorial property is a very personal decision. Whether you are looking to establish a multi-grave private lot, or are in need of a single space, Portland Memorial has two beautiful cremation memorial gardens to meet your needs.

To truly understand the variety of possibilities, we invite you to explore the many unique ways to celebrate and honor a life at Portland Memorial by scheduling a tour. Whether you choose entombment or cremation, our advisors are here to help you design a permanent memorialization that’s as unique as the life it celebrates.

To learn more about the variety of options and settings within our park, please call us at (503) 236-4141 or schedule a tour.

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Established in 1901, Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial offers eight stories, and over four miles of corridors of carefully preserved architecture and elegance. It is one of the few, if not only, mausoleums of its size in the country.

To learn more about the variety of options and settings within our park, please call us at (503) 236-4141​ to schedule a tour.

Planning Ahead

Pre-planning your funeral arrangements takes the burden and stress off your loved ones. Our professional Family Service Advisors can help provide peace of mind and ensure that your final wishes are known.

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